Hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) – reviews. Negative, neutral and positive feedback

Hysterectomy (removal kamagra tabs of the uterus) – reviews. Negative, neutral and positive feedback

Hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) – reviews. Negative, neutral and positive feedback. You muscle mass can both see real reviews left by other people or leave your own review.



She was also in the hospital with women who underwent such an operation. Age: from 45. The main reason was long-term fibroids. Only one suffered greatly, because she was not ready for the operation, wanted to wait another year. Well they didn’t let her go home. The abdominal cavity was already full of blood 🙁

Olga Ivanovna


My path to removing the uterus began with fibroids. I raised her for over 10 years, from thirty to forty. In recent years, new formations have appeared, and the doctor announced the verdict: remove together with the uterus, since fibroids inside the walls are very difficult to remove while preserving the organ. I agreed, as I was already exhausted by the constant bleeding. It was impossible to leave the house on critical days. I even switched to remote work.



Hello dear ladies!!!

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I am now 25 years old. The uterus was removed at 16! After the birth of a daughter. There were many sufferings of pain. I’m a unique case, as the doctors say.

I want to say about the consequences.

a woman can understand only by the absence of menstruation. Harmonic disruption occurs only after removal of the ovaries!

You should not be afraid and worried, if the medical indicators are bad, then it is easier to lose an organ than life. I know what I’m talking about. Now I can even highlight the pluses – the absence of menstruation, unplanned pregnancies. There are many children in our country, and if you really want to, then I’m sure there is that kid who needs a mother like me.

It took me many years to understand that I am a full-fledged person and one hundred percent woman !!! This is true!!! And if you are about to have such an operation, do not get carried away !!! His womb is just a piece of flesh! your nervous system in this case is of great value !!! With this you can live and live fully and happily!!!



I would have removed in such a situation, although a couple of months ago I was in shock myself when they mistakenly wanted to remove my uterus. Now I rethought a lot and no longer feel any horror at the word „deletion“. I’m over 40 and nothing bothers me. But if they suddenly find evidence, I agree to delete.

PS: Vaginal infections will not stop, but they can be effectively treated. There will be no cross infection.

Helen @


Seen on the site September 29, 2018, 20:44 March 19, 2017, 22:36

I was removed at age 37. Multiple fibroids, the uterus was enlarged by 19 weeks. No cons. The bonus is the absence of menstruation. If you have any questions, I will answer in PM in more detail.

Nadezhda Doctor


Quoting guest 77:

„Hello, Nadezhda! Yes, I want to join … Thank you very much. I also have a question. The pelvis, sacrum, and the entire perineum are very sore, especially in the late afternoon. They equipoise profile this equipoise can burn 1000kcal supplements put in endometriosis, grade 3 adenomyosis. Myomatous small nodes in the uterus, myoma 3 by 3, the neck is good (there was conization 5 years ago), the left ovary with a cyst 34-13-15, the right one is deformed. The follicular supply is small. They offer laparoscopy with the removal of everything, of course I’m in shock !!! (((Tell me, Nadezhda , in your opinion, is this the only way out? I’m 45. Thanks in advance „!

Hello, guest 77. It seems to me that this is the best way out in the current situation, although, of course, the decision is up to you. There is buy levitra 40mg online anatomy summary erectile too much probability that conservative treatment will not give anything, and at this time you will continue to suffer from persistent pain, plus there will be a high drug load on the body, plus the risk of developing serious complications – all these are arguments in favor of the operation.



At 21, my uterus was removed during childbirth to save me. At first she was horrified, then scored. I have no periods, I have a baby, I drink hormones. I don’t have any particular problems. Regarding menopause – the doctors reassured, they said he would come on time, not earlier.

anonymous 75069]


7 years ago she underwent a similar operation (with high amputation). I’m 51, I look much younger, my menopause has not yet knocked on the door, the ovaries are functioning remarkably, my husband has not guessed anything, and in general I do not spread to anyone other than my gynecologist. I did not notice any changes. There was no harmonic replacement therapy.



Wow what a tough question.

I would leave the medicine as long as it fits perfectly. I’ll listen to the rest.



Give birth to Vick, handle it. There will be no second chance to have a baby. Borderline tumor is not yet malignant



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There were two such colleagues. The one who removed at fertile age, then rehabilitated for a long time, and the other is a pensioner, it is normal.

the guest

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There is a very big difference when removing the uterus with the cervix and without the cervix. In the first case, the vaginal stump remains, i.e. vagina and seam. There is nothing else. You can forget about sex. Husbands go to others. Soon, intestinal prolapse occurs, and problems with stool begin. Depression, neurosis, aging of the body as a whole.

And the doctors say that everything will work out, but it is not. By the way, harmonotherapy is still not shown to everyone..







Got rid of bleeding, fibroids and anemia


The skin is aging a little faster, has gained a little weight

I am 42. I decided to undergo surgery due to submucous fibroids and terrible anemia. Bleeding 25 days a month. Three years after the operation: the seam is not visible, the PMS is in place, the sex life gushes, I look very even for my age … I always honestly tell my men about my problem. Thank God, they are adequately treated. Regarding intimacy: the orgasm is on the spot, I can’t get pregnant, that’s why I am very liberated. No menstruation, thrush too) In general, everything is fine. Women are lovely, do not be afraid, the most important thing is to find a good doctor. Good luck and health to everyone)

Sanja Kuznec



saves life, removes a diseased organ


the operation is physically and psychologically difficult

She underwent this operation 13 years ago. Apparently, due to nervousness, the disease progressed very quickly, which was already dangerous to postpone the operation. There are quite a few women with such a problem, and you won’t even guess that such an operation took place. Life, thank God, goes on, I did not become worse and worse and less attractive for my husband, family and others. I live a full, active life.

The most important thing is to recover well after surgery. The first months my chest was very painful and burned, I turned to the mammologist, nothing terrible was revealed, although I periodically continue to be observed, and at that moment the body was apparently rebuilding.

I want to reassure women and advise them to stop suffering and dribble about this. This is not the worst loss yet.



In this review, I want to share with you my experience in removing the uterus. Perhaps this review will help someone to tune in to surgery, and someone to cope with depression after surgery.

I am 35 years old. In the fall of last year, I was diagnosed with an ultrasound scan – myoma of a large uterus, adenomyosis of the uterus. The gynecologist sent me for an operation to remove the uterus. As she said, there are no options. I was not ready for this turn of events. I cried all evening. The next day I went to the emergency room of the gynecological department, where they signed me up for an operation and prescribed the necessary tests. I waited 3 months for the operation. This was probably the hardest time for me. It was very scary. There was a feeling that I was saying goodbye to life. But I pulled myself together in time. And I began to tune in for the best and prepare for the operation. I looked for information on the Internet. There she was contradictory, so many negative points. I was especially interested in the reviews of women who live without a uterus, their feelings. There are few such reviews. I understood that I would never be able to get pregnant and give birth. But, fortunately, I have children. And I did not plan to give birth yet. But still this moment was depressing.

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Well, the day of the operation was approaching. She was scheduled for Monday, Sunday I was admitted to the hospital. Since lunch I have not eaten anything, I just drank Fortrans to cleanse the intestines, here is a review on it

http://irecommend.ru/content/otlichnaya-alternativ … Drinking was allowed in unlimited quantities. In the evening there was a conversation with an anesthesiologist, after which I was given an injection of a sedative and I fell asleep soundly. In the morning, without getting out of bed, I pulled on compression stockings, these

http: //irecommend.ru/content/pritivoembolicheskie -… It was no longer possible to eat or drink. Before the operation itself, I was given 2 relaxing injections. Oddly enough, I was calm. I just wanted everything to end as soon as possible. They brought me to the operating room in only stockings and a vest. A urinary catheter was placed on the operating table, a catheter into a vein. The anesthesiologist sat behind me, I looked at the ceiling and waited. Finally the ceiling spun and that’s it, I went to sleep. The operation began at 13 o’clock. I woke up on Tuesday morning. Ice on my stomach. I immediately felt pain. She was as strong as in labor. I moaned. The pain reliever was injected frequently. After him the pain relieved a little and I fell asleep. This went on for several hours. Closer to lunchtime, the urinary catheter was removed. They were allowed to turn on their side. It was scary to move. The nurses and nurses in the department were very helpful, looked after like children. At lunchtime I was raised and transferred to a regular ward. These few steps were given to me with great difficulty. They gave me some broth to drink. By the evening, I began to walk a little by myself. By evening, the pain intensified, but at night they put an anesthetic injection, and I slept soundly. It became easier and easier every day. A week later I was discharged home. I got a cosmetic seam. You need to pay for it separately 1,500 rubles. He healed very quickly, there were no problems with him. Now he is completely invisible under his panties.

I waited with fear for the result of the histological examination. But, fortunately, he turned out to be good. I was on sick leave for exactly a month.

Now 4 months have passed since the operation. I feel great, nothing bothers me. I do not have menstruation now, although once a month I have spotting. But the doctor says that this is normal as ovulation occurs. Lack of menstruation is a huge plus for me. In addition, the level of hemoglobin in the blood is now normalized. Before the operation, due to heavy periods, I constantly had low hemoglobin, low blood pressure, dizziness and weakness. She often took iron supplements, but hemoglobin still fell rapidly.

Another plus for me was that I don’t need to think about contraception..

Now for the most interesting part. Many believe that after the removal of the uterus, a woman’s desire for intimacy disappears. I had this fear too. So, nothing like that. In terms of intimate life, nothing has changed. By the way, it was allowed to start it after 1.5 months..

Also, many believe that menopause occurs after removal of the uterus. This is not true. If the ovaries are in place, then the menopause will come as usual, at the right time.

Another terrible consequence of removing the uterus is vaginal prolapse. But there are various exercises and simulators to strengthen the muscles of the vagina. Plus, it doesn’t have to happen to you if you don’t have a uterus. Indeed, some women experience vaginal prolapse even with a uterus. And for many women, everything is normal after removal. So don’t panic about it.

Now I don’t feel any discomfort. And I do not consider myself an inferior woman. On the contrary. I feel young, beautiful, strong. I look great.

I wish you to be healthy. But if it so happened that, according to the indications, the operation is inevitable, then you should not despair. As scary as these two words „removal of the uterus“ sound, life does not end there.



My age – less than five years old – sixty, the problem with fibroids grew with the years.

I cannot say that I did not know about her, but the popular rumor about the regression of fibroids in menopause lulls my vigilance and gave ghostly hope.

Little by little, myoma began to cause non-illusory troubles, a huge „pregnant“ belly is an unaesthetic part of these problems .

When, after a long and careless pause, I finally came to the gynecologist, she was horrified! She seriously began to listen to this belly with a tube, suspecting there an almost full-term „baby“.

Of course, apart from the noise of the aorta feeding this huge „parasite“, no heartbeat was heard..

The verdict sounded harsh: immediate surgery to remove the tumor.

If you have a similar situation, please be patient and time-consuming: you will need two weeks to prepare for the operation. Put aside all your everyday worries and start saving your own life !

So, first of all, find a hospital and a doctor who will operate on you. The negotiated price of such an operation is twenty-five thousand rubles, including the services of an anesthesiologist. Before hospitalization, I recommend exchanging small rubles 500-700 for distribution to junior medical personnel..

Preoperative examination can be performed both in the clinic and at the place of residence in the district clinic, which is much cheaper, since it is generally free.

Keep in mind that due to the high level of cancer alertness, there will be two biopsies and one cytology to exclude the possibility of cancer.

These are a bit unpleasant procedures, but extremely fast and quite within the limits of portability..

They are neurotic when you wait for the result, but you can’t do without them! Be patient! Grit your teeth and move towards deliverance .

You will need a complete biochemical blood test, blood for coagulability, hepatitis, HIV and RV, blood for helminths, for tumor markers, general urine analysis, ultrasound of the uterus with appendages, ultrasound of the kidneys, electrocardiogram with the conclusion of a cardiologist, fluorogram, coloscopy of the cervix with a conclusion about its condition from your gynecologist .

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Do not worry that you forget or miss something important: the gynecologist from the consultation will check everything, letting you out to the hospital. Just remember: all blood tests must be 10 days fresh !

If you did everything right, then usually the operation happens on the viagra bilder lustig ruhm nachte arequipa gesunde second day after hospitalization.

You will be met by: the operating surgeon, the resident on duty from the department, who will offer to sign a document on your consent to the removal of the uterus. By the way, the ovaries, if their condition turns out to be satisfactory, will try to preserve, however, during the operation, a different solution may be possible. The same goes for the cervix. Do not despair of whatever you lose. Read on.

An anesthesiologist will definitely visit you and tell you about the chosen method of anesthesia.

Agree without hesitation on epidural anesthesia: it is soft, painless, completely turns off the lower torso, which will be comfortably „dissolved“ in pleasant warmth. After the operation, I did not experience nausea, nausea, or shutdowns, and the anesthesia itself lasted several more hours. You will be able to immediately and fully adequately report to your family about what kind of hero you are. !

And so that you are not present at your own operation with 100% consciousness, they will give a sedative through the vein, and you will plunge into nirvana. All my friends and loved ones have visited me in this wonderful state, gifting them with inexpressible warmth! Everyone was like white and gold Angels, from everyone to me and to each other rays stretched, intertwining and forming individual suns))) Honestly, the operation was just fun !

After that, of course, four not the best days are waiting: a lot of copious droppers, injections, including in the abdomen for the prevention of thromboembolism. Don’t be afraid of them! They are no worse than a shot in the buttock. !

We’ll have to endure hunger and thirst. They do not give drink for almost a day. To eat – and even longer, and now it was not easy for me. Allowed after three days. And then I begged, begging.

Proper nutrition is essential. Stock up on Frutonyanya-type baby purees without anastrazolos sugars, salt, starches. They are homogenized, and perfectly prepare the intestines for the transition to normal food..

On the first fast day, you can have a second white poultry breast broth without salt.

By the evening of the same day, besides baby food, you can eat a piece of meat from this bird.

My favorite cold-pressed sesame oil helped me a lot, I took it a tablespoon in the morning, afternoon and evening.

The intestines will be invigorated with a small salty hypertensive enema, then a large cleansing.

Proper nutrition will lead to an easy and non-violent first stool.

You can and should get up after a large, open abdominal surgery on the second day.

Do not feel sorry for yourself: the earlier you get up and walk more actively, the less chance of postoperative adhesions .

The inner seams are now sewn with buy testosterone undecanoate this 18 minute a kangut, which dissolves itself. The same about the sutures in the vagina: they are not removed, the remnants of the suture material gradually come out through the vagina in the same natural way.

The external cosmetic suture is removed on day 10, sometimes after a week. Doesn’t hurt at all, don’t worry.

Buy dressing surgical napkins 25 x 10 cm. They are lightweight, of high quality, have aseptic impregnation and keep the suture in perfect and dry condition. Buy them 12 pieces, you can’t go wrong.

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You will also need compression stockings of the second compression class, they will be picked up in any medical equipment. My advice: Don’t waste bad money on imported hospital jerseys and bandages. Tula stockings for 700 rubles. couple are perfect! You will put on these stockings in the morning of the operation ahead of time, before the legs are still out of bed. This is a MANDATORY condition! If you forgot – lie down and stand for two hours in complete rest, then put on.

You will have to live in stockings for exactly a week. Do not try to experiment! You don’t want a silly thromboembolic death .

Bandage is also not the last topic. Be sure to take a two-leaf one, on two velcro tongues, they perfectly hold the tummy. Try to choose a model that is not too hard, hot, it gets very sweaty and you can rub it seriously.

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To the results. If you have lost your entire reproductive system, do not be discouraged! Life doesn’t end. Excellent hormone replacement therapy drugs help us.

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I felt the consequences of surgical castration on the third night: I was scalded, doused from head to toe with a bucket of sweat, my heart was rattling violently.

Therefore, having received the appointment, the first thing I bought at the pharmacy was the hormonal estrogen-progesterone drug „Angelique“ from Bayer, Germany. On the second day, no hot flashes, no sweating, excellent mood, a surge of vivacity and strength! They say that it has a cumulative effect, and after three months the woman becomes unusually prettier. The condition of the skin, hair, nails improves, the mucous membranes of the external genital organs do not suffer, and a lush chest becomes.

Libido is kept at a high level, sexual sensations are brighter.

Interestingly, after the removal of the uterus with appendages on the third day, I experienced an extraordinary sporadic sexual arousal in a hospital bed. This is a guarantee that the embankment is still far and away!…

Dear girls, women, grandmothers! Our feminine essence is invincible! Our Spirit is unlimited and leads us to unbreakable health !

Do not be afraid of anything, trust the doctors, do not doubt your strength. Pray to our Lord and He will not leave you and will not give you trials beyond what you can endure.

be healthy !

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